Set Up Your Survey123 Field App

Survey123 was updated on October 5, 2023.
Please download the NEW DATASHEETS before monitoring your sites!

Collect & submit Western Monarch Count data directly from the field!

Once set up on your device, you can use the Survey123 app to collect data directly from the field – even without cell service!

Easily take and attach photos, log your coordinates and capture notes in the app datasheets. Skip over questions that don’t apply to you, catch errors or missing info, and optimize your overall data collection experience.

Click submit to immediately share your data with the Xerces Society and your regional coordinator.  *NOTE: You will need cell service or wifi to submit data from the app, but you’ll always have the option to save datasheets as “Drafts” to review, complete and/or submit at a later time.


STEP #1:

Download the Survey123 app on your smartphone. Go to the Apps menu and search for “ArcGIS Survey123”, then click download.


STEP #2:

After the app is installed, download the three WMC datasheets. Adding the datasheets to the app is a one-time action; datasheets will remain in the app for you to use once the set up process is complete. You have two options to download the datasheets, choose one:

OPTION ONE: Scan the QR codes below to add the WMC datasheets to your app.

  • Open the Survey123 app on your device.
  • Select Continue without signing in (even if you have an ArcGIS Online account!).
  • Select the QR Code icon in the search bar and scan each of the following codes.
  • The datasheets will open automatically. You can “X” out of each survey, then select Close and lose changes when prompted.

OPTION TWO: Click on the buttons below to add the WMC datasheets to your app.

Monarch Count Datasheet     Habitat Assessment (Short Form)     Habitat Assessment (Long Form)

    1. If QR Codes aren’t your thing, open this webpage on your mobile device and then click each of the three buttons above.
    2. Select Open when prompted with the question Open in “Survey123”?.
    3. Select Continue without signing in (even if you have an ArcGIS Online account!).
    4. The datasheets will open automatically. You can “X” out of each survey, then select Close and lose changes when prompted.

STEP #3:

Confirm you have successfully added the Western Monarch Count datasheets to your Survey123 app. Open the app on your device, select Continue without signing in and a screen titled My Survey123 should open with the three datasheets visible, like this:

Additional Guidance

Collecting & Managing Data in the Survey123 App

Select a datasheet (aka: “Survey”) from the My Survey123 homepage, then take any of the following actions:

  • Click Collect to start a new survey.
  • Click Drafts to see surveys that you have started, but not submitted (you will only see this if you have unsubmitted surveys).
  • Click Outbox to send surveys that you completed but did not send (i.e. you were out in the field without cell service, or did not want to use your data plan to submit).
  • Click Sent to see surveys that you have already submitted (you will only see this if you have submitted surveys). Here you can make copies of surveys that you have already submitted–this will copy the information you submitted (location, plants, etc.) and let you edit the information for a new survey.

Navigating A Survey Form

Click on a WMC datasheet, and one of the screenshots below should pop up. Practice filling out the survey as you normally would with the paper datasheet. When you’re ready to submit your survey, click the “✓” in the bottom right (only submit actual surveys, not practice ones!). To close out of the survey, click the “X” in the upper left – this will give you the option to save your survey as a draft or to discard the information.


Setting “Favorite” Answers

After you’ve entered answers into the Survey123 field app, you can save these answers to use in subsequent surveys by setting your favorite answers. This feature is helpful if you want to quickly populate fields that typically remain the same each time you monitor a site, such as your email, observer name(s) and maybe even the Site Name/Site ID # if you only monitor one site.

Simply click on the menu icon in the upper right corner, then select Set as favorite answers to save the current state of your survey.

Once you’ve set your favorite answers, you can insert them into new surveys by opening the menu and clicking Paste answers from favorite. This will enter your favorite answers into your new survey.

If at any time you need to change your favorite answers, enter them into your current survey and click Set as favorite answers. If you find yourself entering repetitive information in a field, you can use your current answers to prepopulate subsequent surveys. The survey that you use to set your favorite answers will be marked with a star .


Now you’ll be able to skip the paper datasheet and collect data in the Survey123 app.