Submit WMC Data

There are Two Ways to Submit Your Data:

1) (Preferred!) Use the Survey123 app to submit data directly from the field. Once set up on your smartphone, the Survey123 app is the most efficient way to collect and submit data. Visit our training page to learn how to use the app!


2) Submit data online. If you prefer completing paper datasheets in the field, this option is for you. Simply enter your findings into the Survey123 forms linked below:

Monarch Count (Online Form)     Short Habitat Assessment (Online Form)     Long Habitat Assessment (Online Form)

Guidance for Submitting Data

Please aim to submit data within 24-48 hours of monitoring an overwintering site. While you may submit data to the Western Monarch Count anytime during the overwintering season, we ask that you prioritize sending us your Thanksgiving Count and New Year’s Count data in a timely manner. This allows the Xerces Society to track monarch abundance in (almost) real-time and reach out to you with clarifying questions, if needed. Additionally, submitting data shortly after collecting it can help prevent instances of incomplete or inaccurate reporting (e.g., lost data sheets, forgotten details, protocol issues, etc.).

Please submit a new datasheet each time you monitor a site. Data may not be consolidated for multiple visits to the same site. Example: If you monitor a site on November 15th and then return on the 18th and 19th, you should submit three separate datasheets (one for each visit), even if similar phenomenon were observed.

Please submit a new datasheet for each site you monitor. Data may not be consolidated for multiple overwintering sites. Example: If you monitor two distinct overwintering sites (e.g., they have unique Site ID#s and Site Names), you should submit two separate datasheets, even if similar phenomenon were observed (e.g., zero monarchs) or sites were surveyed consecutively.

Please submit a datasheet even when you observe zero monarchs. We still want to know!


*Note: Submitted data is visible to the Xerces Society and regional coordinators. Count results are announced publicly after data vetting has occurred.