Monterey County’s WMC Volunteer Training: Oct. 26 & Nov. 5, 2022

When & Where: Evening Zoom training on Wednesday, Oct 26, from 6-8pm, followed by an in person field visit to the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary on Saturday, Nov 5, from 8am-12pm.

Description: Join Natalie Johnston and Liese Murphree of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History for this free, two-part training event geared for new and returning Western Monarch Count volunteers. Build or refresh your knowledge as a volunteer community scientist, trained by monarch experts, to count butterflies and record habitat quality at western monarch overwintering sites. Begin with a virtual training on October 26th, and join other volunteers for an in-person training on November 5th at the incredible Pacific Grove Butterfly Sanctuary!

Contact: To register or ask questions about this event, please email Natalie Johnston, [email protected].