Monarch SOS app launched: a new way to collect monarch data

MonarchSOS_icon1024A new version of the Monarch SOS app for iPhone is now available through iTunes! This free app developed by Naturedigger includes many monarch citizen science projects and the newest version adds two Xerces projects:

  1. Western Monarch Count– for monitoring overwintering monarch clusters on the California coast
  2. USFWS/Xerces Western Milkweed and Monarch Breeding project–for reporting milkweeds and monarchs during the breeding season. For more information on this project, check out

If you use the app this season, please let us know if there are any improvements or features you’d like to see in future versions. You can send feedback to [email protected]. A version of this app for Android phones is in development for 2017.

Happy monarch and milkweed scouting!