Datasheets & Protocols

Datasheets updated in 2024. Please download/print the new versions.

Collect and submit data with Survey123 – available for all smartphones and iPads!

Set Up the Survey123 App!

Survey123 replaces paper-based data collection with a trustworthy app that optimizes data quality and efficiency.

  1. Go paperless, and download the Survey123 app on your smartphone or iPad to collect and submit data directly from the field.
  2. Or, use the paper datasheets in the field, then submit your findings using the Survey123 online forms.

With the Survey123 app or online forms, your submitted data goes directly to the Xerces Society and your regional coordinator in one click.Thank you!


Click on the protocol documents below to download instructions for conducting Monarch Count and Habitat Assessment surveys:

Monarch Count Protocol (Updated version coming soon!)

Habitat Assessment Protocol (Updated version coming soon!)


You can also download the Step-by-Step Monitoring Guide which provides a comprehensive outline of volunteer monitoring activities from start to finish:

Step-By-Step Monitoring Guide

Paper Datasheets

Conduct a monarch count during the Thanksgiving and New Year’s count period or anytime during the overwintering season. Fill out a separate monarch count data sheet each time you monitor a site for monarchs.

Monarch Count Datasheet (Updated in 2023!)

Conducting a habitat assessment is optional, but please consider taking the extra time to collect important site-specific information that helps capture the habitat conditions and threats each site faces. There are two versions available: a one-page assessment that covers the most important aspects of a site (“short form”), and a longer, more comprehensive assessment that is ideal for land managers and individuals interested in gathering more in-depth data at their site (“long form”). Please aim to fill out a habitat assessment once a year per site.

Short Form Habitat Assessment Datasheet (Updated version coming soon!)

Long Form Habitat Assessment Datasheet (Updated version coming soon!)

Tagged Monarchs

Keep an eye out for tags while you’re doing your counts and habitat assessments! Several groups in the Western United States are tagging butterflies in the late summer and fall.

Recoveries of these tags at overwintering sites and along the migration route provide important information on the western migration. Download the flyer below for a quick guide to the different tag types and contact people for each program.

Tagged Monarch Guide

If you see a tagged monarch:

  1. Take a photo and/or note down the tag information (binoculars help!)
  2. Contact the appropriate tag program and let them know you spotted one of their tagged butterflies! Include the photo or tag number in your message.

Common Monarch Overwintering Trees & Shrubs Guide

This resource serves as a quick guide to the most common cluster tree and shrub species used by overwintering monarchs. Print or download  this guide for a quick field reference! This sheet may be used to identify cluster tree species within the WMC Monarch Count Datasheet when defining cluster location. The guide may also be used when listing tree or shrub species present within the overwintering grove in the Habitat Assessment Forms. Species featured on this sheet should represent the species drop down lists in all of the WMC Survey123 forms.

Common Overwintering Trees and Shrubs in California