DeWind Alumnae Publish Three New Research Papers about Monarch Butterflies

By Candace Fallon and Emma Pelton on 6 November 2019

Together, these publications contribute to our growing understanding of how human actions can hurt—or help—monarchs.
Joan Mosenthal DeWind was an early member of the Xerces Society and a keen supporter of getting young people involved in invertebrate conservation. In her memory, her husband Bill DeWind established a student research endowment fund, which is administered by the Xerces Society.

Each year, the DeWind Committee awards at least two grants to college or graduate students conducting research in Lepidoptera conservation. Project proposals are ranked based on relevance to conservation and quality of science. The intention behind these awards is that students will further our collective knowledge about some aspect of conservation relating to butterflies and moths, and that they will continue to work in this field after finishing their degree. Many students go on to publish research that has been supported by a DeWind Award.

Two DeWind alumnae, Ania Majewska and Paola Olaya-Arenas, recently published research about monarchs. Read more on the Xerces blog.