California Monarch and Pollinator Habitat Kits

Many insect pollinators are declining in California, including bees and butterflies. The population of western monarch butterflies has declined 99.9% since the 1980s, due to a variety of reasons, including habitat loss and degradation, pesticides, and climate change. One important step we can take to protect these important animals is to increase the amount of habitat available to these species. To this end, the Xerces Society is offering habitat kits that contain climate-smart native plants to project partners who are willing to provide the time, labor, and land to develop habitats that support monarchs and other pollinators.

In 2019 and 2020, Xerces’ California habitat kits provided over 72,000 plants to 55 partners in 29 counties, resulting in more habitat for monarch butterflies and pollinators. We are excited to continue this work.

Learn more about the kits being offered this year, if land you manage qualifies for a kit, and how to apply if so at the following link:

(Photo: Xerces Society / Angela Laws)