2020 International Monarch Monitoring Blitz: July 24 – Aug 2, 2020

Join us and thousands of volunteers across North America from July 24 – August 2, 2020 for the 4th annual International Monarch Monitoring Blitz (the Blitz). To participate, simply go out and look for and report milkweed plants and all life stages of monarch butterflies (monarch eggs, caterpillars, pupae, and adults). To take part in the Blitz, submit your data to the program associated with your location:

Canada: Mission Monarch

United States:
East of the Rocky Mountains: Monarch Larva Monitoring Project
West of the Rocky Mountains: Western Monarch and Milkweed Mapper

Mexico: Naturalista website

For this year’s Blitz, we feel compelled to underline that your well-being, and that of those around you, comes first. Before participating in any activities, please look up and carefully follow the health and safety measures for COVID-19 recommended by the authorities in your region.

Read more about the Blitz here.

Use the hashtag #MonarchBlitz to share your observations and connect with other volunteers.